Deepti Convent School is a Catholic Institution established and managed by the Deepti Province of the Congregation of the sisters of the Adoration of Blessed Sacrament (S.A.B.S) Kerala. The Sisters of this province belong to the Deepti Society, Jeypore, Regd. No. 656-26/1991.

Being a Minority Christian Institution (F. No.997of 2007/ 29897 dated 29 August 2008) Deepti Convent School will maintain a Christian atmosphere in the school, giving first place to God’s Glory and charity and justice to all. The school is open to students of all communities irrespective of caste, creed or colour, but all shall strive to safe guard the spirit, character and identity of the institution. Therefore no pooja or worship of any other religion will be conducted within the school premises.

The S.A.B.S. Congregation is founded in 1908 at Champakulam,Kerala by the Venerable Late Bishop Thomas Kurialassery. The inner call  received by him was that Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament must be known loved and adored by all, always and everywhere. He pursued this inspiration with courage, stability and absolute trust in God and founded the Adoration Congregation with Mother Mary Francis de Chantal being its first member. There upon, the S.A.B.S. Congregation pursues the spirit and charism of its founder.

Besides being an ardent devotee of the Eucharistic Jesus,he was a great educationalist and reformer of the society. He established many schools and colleges to met the need of the people of each locality. Uplifting the people through proper education was deemed to be the greatest service rendered and also the need of all times to human society. It was the time when female education was not even a dream in the minds of the people that Bishop Thomas came forward with his new vision of educating girl-children.  For this purpose he established many Girls’ Schools in different parts of Kerala with the co- operation of the Sisters of the Congregation he established. He always believed that if our children get real knowledge and wisdom through education, the spiritual and material progress of the world is guaranteed. “Purging of mind is the ultimate aim of education”, he believed. Love of God, moral integrity and broad mindedness can be achieved only through proper education.