The objectives of this institution are to impart to the young boys and girls a sound and standard education through a variety of knowledgeable and diverse programmes and to inspire them to explore the new horizons of knowledge and to enable them to relish the joy of learning.

  • To train the mind, mould the character, promote leadership and prepare them to shoulder responsibilities maintaining high standard of honour and probity in private and public life.
  • To lead the child to the interior and spiritual releams of his personality and enable him to assess the existing views and values and to choose the best and the right and cultivate solid convictions for himself.
  • To rise above the level of language, religion, customs and culture and to develop a sense of unity and brotherhood.
  • To encourage the child to share his talents, knowledge and wealth with others and to contribute generously for the common good.
  • To guide him/her to consider the less fortunate mentally or physically disabled – as specially loved by God and to leave vacant a ‘soft corner’ in his/her  heart to have concern for their welfare and well being.
  • To give stress to moral, spiritual and human values, to fight against social evils and to establish better human relationships which lead to a ‘Love – For the neighbor – Culture’.